Hope In Hymn


       Storms never last

        Their upheaval cast

Upon prayerful pilgrims - stationed  Within

Hinging on that hope of a sacred


         Forces of rage have no allegiance

           Reason prevails but for a season

           Does not discern upright from


  But ploys its torrential reign of         Upheaval.

    Whether you ride the tempest at best

       Or seek refuge a a welcomed guest

  Elements are called for the betterment

      Lent to try an innocents intent.


               After all in balm is gone

           On bended knee - we regather

                   The puzzled debris

   To rid oneself of that ghost

 Of which daunts within memories Host.

As solace calms - morning lifts In.

Secured in our hope of one promised ' Him.'


             Haiku - That Empty Tomb

              Grave situation

          An enemy's remedy

           Devil's will - indeed

            'Lion of Judah

          Risen to new morning's light

         Death's grim grasp annulled

       The Open Door

Empty words won't move inside 

The way love does

To learn this disparity

Is to throw oneself open

Then the true account begins

Arnost's Poetic Mission 

​Poetry examples with sample poems. Poetic gleanings to nurture your soul.



Once sinking, we are called to surface

In confessing why - there awaits a Defining reply

In stepping toward Love's Door

We are finally found inside.



​When available I really enjoy listening to

Arnost's poetic readings. - Jeanette Kangegana

I've enjoyed Arnost's poetry for his professionalism    

and skills. Being motivated with integrity and  honesty that emits from his heart.- Dwight Hiebert.

Arnost's poetry is going places. His strong spiritual

background freely flows on paper. - Karen Hall.

​​​​​         Sample Poems #1

  Love took as an opened book

 That was set upon a table - enabled

To be articulated and conceived

 As hints of imprints

Seemed attached to your inner being.



          Of Angels And Men

Angelic beings take flight in delight

As life mates - hover under cover.

They give heed for souls that are tarnished

And justly gives heed for fallen mankind

illuminates this darkened planet

Ministers in quest to stir our inner need.

Angels perceive pardon starts within ones heart.

A task they may soulfully grasp.

Nurturing solace between their guardian wings

Under Divine care to serve our secured being.

Attributes God His well deserved glory.

All within their whispered - unsung story.