Crossing That River Jordan

We reach The High and lofty One
Through Christ Jesus - 'God's own Son.'
Viewed that 'Tree' on bended knee
Secured our ticket for eternity!

Yes Jesus, we yearn to 'follow You.'
'Till our walk in faith is found true.
As we cross the Jordan river - yonder
To a reemerging tree of life (I ponder?)

Our heritage awaits us - upon a tranquil shore
As a 'cloud of witnesses' cheers us on - at 'the Door.'
When that angelic 'trumpet' blasts
He's returned for 'His Bride' - at last!

'No more tears', tares or snares
As all regathered - banquet prepared.
At last; loved one's - embraced !
With shadows of grief - forfeits all trace.

In 'one accord', with joyous praise
With upright hands - we will raise.
We sought, "this Jesus" - as the Bible portrays
As our Savior and Lord! - there's no other 'Way'.

          The Regathering

Smooth slabs - staged as ageless granite
Hover above trembling tree lines.

Stands firm regardless of exposure.
Exploits over - head, undaunted...

Scathed, fragmented spoils - regrouped to mourn.
Where fractured stones adjourn,
Voiceless as epochal forces moan.

Deemed hardened soldiers of valiant campaign
Commended by an unstately foreclosure.

Who's to utter - regressed in vain thought
When raging elements may rest as aught?

Summoned in season, at that triumphant regathering
...Of the well renowned "Rock."


To Learn War No More

Relationships within rhythm - offense

Amidships sheltered harbors - in one accord.
Living in harmony - not discord.

Vessels reel in - barbed bait of targeted peace
Cannot truly be acquired - deployed in the line of fire.
Our blood bought freedom sheltered on lease.

Conceived kindred - steps on another's shoes!
Evil plants untold thoughts - that feed the feud.
The plot harrowed into drab lots - as if construed?

Boys employed with frenzy - in the line of fire
Sought by the glitter of a general's attire;
"Aught not to be caught in crossfire!"

Who fired the first round - history negates
Spilled crimson seeps - mingled with mire
Where only remembrance remains...

Satan lies prone with disgust - rank in the dust
Amidst corroded rifle barrels - wrought with rust
Relationship's restored... as once before?

Recommissioned 'Prince Of Peace' and 'Lord Of Lords.'

' 'To learn war no more!'




Arnost's Poetry Mission Online

Author Of Poetry Example - Sample Poems #2

A Christmas Poem

Born in a manger

Babe wrapped in swaddling cloths

God's entity - displayed with frailty

We acknowledge this virgin's birth

In honouring our awaited ' King.'

As a joyous melody that cannot be hushed....

Our gift - Love Divine.

​To be wrapped  around the world.


            Walking On Water

In step - out of our boat's comfort zone

     We are called to trust in Him alone.

  Peter misread that water metre - inferred?

And strayed his eyes upon the sea - that stirred.

Compelled to focus on that tempest - now sinking,

So endearingly clinging to the ' King' - ever reaching.

Shall we fathom not to stray our eyes from the Master.

In so doing - may be swayed from impending disaster.

Beloved -  fix not your eyes on that wavering sea.

Rather to the 'One' of whom created all things to be.

In our uncharted waters - be not alarmed!

'This Jesus' will land us - in His everlasting arms.