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​​Anthology Of Christian Poems

As the title suggests this is a collection of  new and former material seasoned with an occasional forgotten poem. Well worth the read!

You have just located my Christian bookstore. Poetic in nature but not confined to any particular genre. Now that you are aware of this book search, indulge!!

A Cause To Reflect

If you're looking for a condensed book with only the finest achievements of mine, look no further. Modestly priced, to suite any ones budget - esp. in this trial of global recession.  Blessings. - Arnost.

Poems Sown By A Guiding Hand

Rather than illuminating most of the world , my initial reading stunned me.- in that it dug deep into the core of my heart. Perhaps it may do the same for you. - Arnost.

Under Cover Of His Whispering  Wings

These proceedings are a mixed bag of blessings as there are no restraints of subject matter. Themes such as life pains, humor and yes Christian poems  are the heart of the subject matter. This book will take you to the edge of boredom and make you dance there.

The Net Minder Unmasked

Have you sown wild oats in the past? Or come down with a terrible truth ache? This book may be for you. This book accommodates this theme with a prevailing humorous touch. Not for the conformist. Contains three distinct chapters while remaining surprisingly cohesive. Revamped with more than 20 newbies. Enjoy!